• jordahl

    Anchoring systems for tranfering loads securely to concrete structures.

    Curtain wall cladding, MEP solutions for dynamic and seismic loads

  • Lifting, Fixing and Connecting Systems, Precast Cladding anchoring, Anchoring Systems for Concrete, GRC, Marble and Natural stones.

    Fixi 3D System, Parapet anchor, Natural stone anchor, Precast lifting Systems, Threaded Systems, Double head and erection anchor.

  • Water stop and joint sealing solutions for concrete works.

    PVC Waterstop for Construction and Expansion joints, Joint sealant, Filler-board, Expandable waterstop, Injection system and Waterproofing membrane.

  • Fiber Re-inforcement Polymer FRP (Glass, Basalt, Carbon) in customised forms.

    Rock bar diameter 2 - 40mm, Rockmesh diameter 2 - 16 mm, Tie Rod Post- tensioning and lighting poles

  • Steel and PP Fiber for precast and in-Situ concrete. Improves fire-and blast resistance of concrete elements.

    Flooring, Tunnel Construction, Road Construction and Refractory concrete

  • Studrails, Punching shear reinforcement to improve quality, safety and time saving by meeting international standards.

    Studrails around columns or in tendon anchorage zone for flat plate construction and instead of Shear links